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Analytics & Reports

Analytics & Reports

360° Customer, model, fund & portfolio overview
IAM & Family Office is nothing without good analytics. Prospero comes with a 360° Customer, Model, Fund and Portfolio Overview, with a collection of analytics for the things you do every day, such as valuation or performance calculation. We provide you with a large range of specific business analytics tools based on your specific requirements. A Call to Action is provided so that whatever the analytical function you are in, you can identify opportunities, make data-guided decisions and execute the smartest trades.


Export, customize and share with perfect simplicity
Export, print or share all the analytics and reports you need to. From configurable automatic generation to specific on-demand needs, our Reports Editor enables you to deliver impressive targeted quality in terms of content and visual presentation.


Key general analytics

Profit & Loss
Cash Flow Projection
Perf. Attribution / Contribution
Profitability Analysis


Key investment strategy analytics

Return Anylsis
Benchmark Analysis
Portfolio Alpha Protection
Metric Analysis
Allocation Analysis
Performance Deviation


Key market risk analytics

Value at Risk (VaR)
Expected Shortfall
Portfolios’s Beta NAV
Forecast Performance
Impact of other sources


Key credit risk analytics

Evaluate Rates
Credit Risk Evaluation
Simulation Positions
Exposure Without Pledge
Counterparty Risk Analysis
Debtor Analysis


Key fund administration & accounting reports

General Ledger
Investment Ledger
Profit and Loss
Margin Accounts
Investment Borrowing Power


Key audit reports

Positions and Interest of Bonds
Subscription and Redemption
Profit and Loss
Positions and P&L of Securities
Units per Nav History


More than 100 reports are included

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