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Prospero provides complete control and organization – everything you need in terms of automated fee calculation and processing is provided. It allows you to integrate checks throughout the fee process, making it more reliable, cost effective and efficient. The daily challenges faced in terms of fees include asset valuation after distribution, AUM segregation, application of commission rates/tiers/discounts, calculation of performance/high water marks and a range of other complications. Prospero has been designed to cater for every eventuality, so that you spend less time on small, but nonetheless essential tasks.


Automated workflows and controls
Prospero offers all the standard fees you would expect (e.g. Management Fees, Custody fees, audit fees and virtually any other user-definable fee type). One of the best things with our Fees module is how simple it is to manage the entire fee process. Our Rules engine offers eye-opening flexibility. Create new types of fees and manage each and every automatic rule calculation you need in just a few clicks. From global level to specific rules, you can now manage every specific calculation when you need to.

Our Fees module is easy to configure and allows you to manage all types of fee and commission structures consistently and accurately. From fixed amounts through simple percentages to complex algorithms with conditional logic, our Rules engine interface is so user-friendly that you need no IT knowledge to achieve what is needed.

Prospero provides automation in the calculation and processing of invoices, accruals, accounting entries and cost allocation. The entire commission calculation and payment process is managed in a single flow. This is all powered by a processing engine specifically designed and configured for all aspects of commission and retrocession management, allowing for rapid, reliable and transparent data processing, calculations and real-time reporting.

Exceptions and exclusions
Prospero offers a complete, comprehensive overview of your diary tasks, exceptions and exclusions.

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