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Portfolio Consolidation

Portfolio Consolidation

360° Overview of customers
Prospero is a versatile multi-channel platform, which has been designed to be accessed anywhere and on any device. Prospero increases the productivity of your client-facing staff by providing direct access to everything they need in a single click, thereby significantly reducing their administrative tasks. As soon as your conversation begins with a client, you have a complete 360° overview of where their portfolios have been and where they are headed to, as well as gaining the confidence to make suggestions about where you believe they can make improvements. Our analytics provide customers with a better perspective of day-to-day performance, valuation and forecasted future cash flows.

Our consolidated view module has been proven to be the most valuable tool of all for a family office. All of Prospero’s analytics and reports can be exported, printed or shared on demand. Every output generated by the system is designed to be both relevant and readily presentable to your end client.


A pro-active sales management tool
Clients have placed advisors in a privileged position, trusting them with their family’s capital and their long-term prosperity. This responsibility demands that relationship managers are proactive to the client’s needs. Prospero helps relationship managers to be more proactive by suggesting targeted investments to your prospective and current clients. It’s proactive because you are. Prospero provides users with the ability to suggest the most suitable investment strategy and asset allocation for each and every client. As with all the best relationship managers, Prospero’s aims are to consistently exceed client expectations with regard to their time horizons, investment objectives and constraints.


Customer presentation
Why not give an even more amazing impression to your customers. Our web client platform and tablet application provide relationship managers with everything they need the way they need it. Satisfying your customers isn’t enough – you need to impress them. Our web client platform and tablet application provide relationship managers with the tools they need to fulfill this. The intelligence of the platform allows you to provide customers with an overview of their portfolios, advise on new investments and show how the investments will affect the profile of their portfolio.


One of the greatest things with Prospero is that it does not only compare and match the holdings with holdings from other sources, it also categorizes thousands of transactions in seconds for further processing. You will appreciate the power of our Exceptions Engine. It allows you to take advantages of its 30 years of experience to minimalize the number of exceptions and considerably reduce manual tasks.

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