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Digital Customers Portal

Digital Customers Portal

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Provide customers with the transparency they require
Give customers an amazing digital experience. Our web client platform and tablet application provide customers with a 360° overview of their portfolio valuation, performance, future cash flows and personal reports. Give customers access to your investment strategy. Our configurator lets you easily personalize the user experience, from the visual design to data visualization, and available reports and fact sheets.


Order management with compliance at its heart
Prospero’s order management system simplifies the traditionally time-consuming process of filling out order books. Now, these are quickly and easily generated through pre-filled forms which are intuitive and easy to use. In addition, each time an order is being filled, the OMS runs a real-time compliance check to ensure the trade is compliant. Even financial advice is provided on that individual trade, so you’re covered from every angle.


Make customers relationships a more personal experience
Provide each individual customer with an exclusive digital relationship experience, using the most modern features such as secured messaging and report sharing. We have designed each and every feature to lead customers to create their own uniquely suitable experience on the basis of their contact preferences.


Differentiate yourself through customization
Just as no two wealth management companies are identical, no two software systems should be identical. Different enterprises will look for emphasis in different areas. Prospero’s white label solution allows you to increase your brand reputation with a high quality, easy to use digital application. You can customize the functioning, look and feel of your whole system with a few simple clicks.

Visual Design
Extensive Access Management
Data Visualization


Prospero’s Insight feature gives customers access to up-to-date and relevant industry-leading news and enterprise strategy (investment products / strategy) articles. You can predefine where the articles are sourced from, based on the sectors most relevant to you or even contribute your own. Notifications with easy-to-digest summaries of the articles you want to read are just one of the features of your personalized news service.

What Insight equates to is a unique, user-friendly module which offers your customers access to news and communication in the way they like to consume it. Its introduction means that promotion has never been so relaxed, allowing you to link your communication to specific investment strategies, select relevant market materials and just push your articles to the right channels.

*Released soon


Suggest targeted funds and let investors subscribe*
Our digital customer solutions have drawn their inspiration from the most renowned B2C applications. We have thus incorporated a Fund Store to propose your current investment funds to customers, according to their investment profile (KYC / AML) and preferences. Subscribing to a fund has never been so effortless for a customer.

*Released soon

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